Liwa stories and Destination. It's a beautiful vast desert of United Arab Emirates which is closed to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates border. The place is highly recommended to Photographers and Tourists. However, it's 341 Km away from Dubai and 238 Km from Abu Dhabi.

Destination, Liwa Abu Dhabi

Liwa is a beautiful desert which is closed to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates border. It’s 341 kilometer away from Dubai and 238 kilometer away from Abu Dhabi city, A must visit place for tourists and residents in United Arab Emirates. The best time to visit the Desert is either morning or evening and to make your trip convenient there are Hotels which can be booked before you arrive through or with a Phone call if you’ve already landed in United Arab Emirates. Hotel names are given below

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

Liwa Hotel

The picture, shown above was taken in December 2015 at the time of Sunrise. It was a beautiful morning, i really loved that day, the sky was so colorful. The specially of Liwa desert is that the Dunes are very high, the curves are beautiful and there are no bushes et all. You’ll love it, a must visit place and highly recommended!

Stories of Liwa Abu Dhabi

I personally visited the place countless time and enjoyed every time so there are many stories. The last visit to liwa was in October 2018. The video is available on my YouTube channel and can also be accessed from my website. Title of the video is “Liwa Desert Abu Dhabi – Landscape Photography EP 01”


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