Camera – Canon 5D Mark IV

I’m using Canon cameras for long time and I’m currently using 5D Mark IV with various lenses. I’m not a canon ambassador and it’s not a paid article but when it comes to personal preference i choose canon over other brands. All brands are good and making good cameras. Since, this article is about my gear so I’m sharing what i use for my Landscape and Commercial Photography. The Landscape Photography work can be seen on my Flickr account on this and commercial work on


Manfrotto Tripod 055 Series

I use Manfrotto tripod because of their built quality and it has got 3 sections. It has got 90° column system and I’m able to make it horizontal whenever i need. The draw back of this tripod is that it’s heavy but this is also a plus point of this tripod. It’s steady because of it’s weight and helps me in capturing storms and in extreme wind conditions. Overall, it’s a good tripod but if you’re an indoor Photographer, that’s not for you. People might think that how this can be convenient for hiking and Landscape Photography? They’re right with their concern but when you shoot in wide fields, you need a steady tripod specially when using mirrorless cameras.


Remote – Phottix TR-90

You might need intervalometer for long exposures or time-lapse. I personally use Phottix wired remote but there are wireless also available in the market. For time-lapse, there is builtin intervalometer in the camera, currently I’m using but yes i use it for long exposures.


There is much more can be used in Landscape Photography like Filters, lenses, time-lapse + etc. Please leave a comment below if you’ve any question.

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