Challenging Things for Landscape Photographers

The first challenge in the landscape photography is to find a good composition. It is tricky but sometimes simple too, by moving your tripod left or right. Pulling the back leg a little can also give you a different prospective but be aware about distortion if you’re too close to your subject. The manfrotto tripods are the best in my opinion. I found them very steady and best built quality. Sometimes, you may struggle to see the view finder when you do a composition, covering most of the sky. I believe, the cameras with tilt screen option are more convenient to see the difficult compositions in live view mode.

Source Flickr – Ammar Yasir ©

In the picture posted above, i tried to be in the middle of cycling track. I’ve lifted my camera upwards and took 8 exposures and stacked them later to control the noise in milkyway photograph. I loved this composition and the foreground which has made this image stunning. I do apologize for the light pollution on horizon though.

There is nothing secret to capture beautiful photos but only the hard work of exploring, the best time and the good composition. Below is another example of composition.

Source Flickr – Ammar Yasir ©

My intention was to compose it in a way where i could show the sunrise light on the curves of desert dunes and the moon in my frame. I’ve taken this picture at the time of sunrise in December 2015. It was very cold but a beautiful morning.

Moving out of comfort zone

Another composition which is shown below, is from Jebel Jais Mountains Ras Al Khaima UAE. The story behind the below posted picture is that I got a call from a good friend of mine Waheed Akhtar who was accompanied by another friend of us Yasir Nisar saying that pack your gear and get ready for a freezing cold but beautiful night. We headed towards Jais Mountains and reached around 1.00 AM. What we’ve seen there, it can’t be described in words but below picture might tell you the story.

Source – Ammar Yasir ©

Conclusion of the article is that composition can make your photo attractive, does’t really matter which camera you’re using at the time of shoot. Feel free to write me privately if you’ve any question and you can also leave a comment below.

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