Different type of rods and baits:

Fishing Rods

There are various type of fishing rods. In this article, you’ll learn about Casting rods, Shore Jigging and Off-Shore Jigging rods. I’m writing here the use of each rod and what fish you can target.

Casting Rods

Casting Rod

The casting rod is heavier than shore & off-shore jigging rods. Casting technique is also tricky but not very difficult. These rods are designed for long cast so usually they’re lengthy. The casting can be either done from rocks as shown in above picture or from the beach.

Image source CAPERLAN

Begin with your non-dominant foot. So assuming you’re right-handed, your left foot points straight at the target with the right foot behind pointing about 30 degrees to the right of the target. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. If you don’t have the proper stance, you won’t be able to fully rotate your hips during the cast. It is recommended to raise both hands with banding 90 degree elbows up to the level of head by holding rod and then cast. This is to cast with full force to throw your bait far. Let’s discuss about their reels, The reels for casting rods are also different than jigging rods. These reels are usually bigger than jigging reels with more depth for line. There are various types of lines. On these rods, plastic lines are recommended. The rods can be folded in in pieces after use.

Shore Jigging Rods

Shore Jigging Rod

These are the strong but very light weight rods which are capable to have a lure or jig weight between 20 and 200 grams, depending on targeted fish size. You don’t need to apply much force in casting, simply a jerk of wrist.

As a matter of fact, the massive popularity of shore jigging has led to the emergence of a brand new category of spinning rods. Some of the most popular brands are Tailwalk, Zenaq Muthos, Shimano Coltsniper, Major Craft KG Evolution, Xzoga Mastery, TenRyu Power Master, Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed, Daiwa SJ and so on.

The most liked reels used for shore jigging are Shimano Stella SW and Daiwa Saltiga. The mentioned reels are bit expensive but there are lots of great reels in the lower price range as well, such as Shimano Saragosa, Fin-Nor Inshore and Penn Conquer, only to name a few. Keeping in mind that I’m sharing the famous company names and not marketing.

It’s hard to get fish in shore jigging but whenever, it will please you with a big fish as these rods are for targeting the big fish.

Use of both rods can be seen in the header video

Off-Shore Jigging Rods

These rods and their use is similar to shore jigging but they’re shorter in length. Extremely light weight. The name of these rods is self explanatory. Off-Shore jigging rods are useful for boat fishing.


Again, many types of lines are available. I use nylon line for long cast and very thin thread for shore jigging. Why, thin thread for shore jigging? Well, the answer is to judge the weight of lure or jig.


Countless companies have designed various the reels.

Closed Cover Spinning Reels with a cover are highly recommended for beginners. These reels have a thumb button which can be pushed and released for casting. Below is the picture for your reference.

Image source – Unknown

Standard Spinning Reels are the popular and common, easily available in markets. However, releasing line and timing is the key technique in such reels. The line should be released at 90 degree, in other words when rod comes above your head during cast. Important thing is to check the line capacity before purchasing it. For nylon line, you might need the reel with more depth than the shore jigging line. Below is the picture of standard spinning reel.

Image source – Unknown

Lures, Jigs and Live Baits

The lures are made with plastic and used for shore and off-shore jigging fishing techniques. There are various types of lures for targeting different type of fishes. Below is the sample image of Lures.

Image source – Amazon

The Jigs are made with steel and heavier than lures. They’re also used for Shore and Off-Shore jigging, depending which fish you’re targeting. See the image below for jigs.

Image source – Amazon

Live Fishing Baits. For example, prawns, small fishes, wax worms, insects and so on. Keeping in mind, live fishing baits are only for long casting rods. I mostly use prawns and sardine fish in United Arab Emirates.

That’s all.

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